Nerando Johnson

A fullstack trained software developer based in Atlanta, Georgia

Technical Skills

Front End: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, React Native, Responsive Design, Accessibility.
Back End: Firebase (Auth, Database, Cloud Functions), Node.js, Ruby-on-Rails.
  • Have used Firebase for authentication and database management.
  • Used Node in the context of the backend to a React-Native frontend with a link between a few proprietary APIs.
  • Have used Ruby-on-Rails as an API with PostgreSQL as database management.
Tools: Asana, Azure DevOps Bitbucket, Cypress, Git, Github Actions, GitHub, Gitlab, Jira, Netlify, NPM, Yarn.
  • Participated open source projects with multiple contributors on GitHub, helping on-board newcomers using best practices.
  • Been part of a team that spiked, researched and adoption of Cypress for functional tests of interactive components and user workflow.
  • Create github actions for a software project along a CI/CD pipeline using a rolling deployment structure.
Other Skills: Communication, Teaching, Presenting, Leadership, Community building.


Screenshot  of

A website for GRAMMY-nominated folksinger John McCutcheon. Visit Website

My contribution:
  • Updated variables to ES6.
  • Fixed bugs (JS, HTML).
  • Implemented a new feature (auto loaded all songs).

Free Live Transcript

Screenshot of

Real-time, editable speech transcript (open source project) Visit Website

My contribution:
  • First Project manager & developer.
  • Helped to built out prototype with all basic functionality (JS, HTML, CSS, Firebase, Web Speech Recognition API).

Paratransit Pal

Web app for to better accommodate paratransit customers (team project). Visit Website

My contribution:
  • Project manager & front-end developer.
  • Contributed to many areas of the front-end (JS, HTML, CSS).
  • Researched, ideated and developed our group pitch at AT&Ts Civic Coding Challenge.
  • Used my experience working as a former educator to inform the design, documentation, marketing and functionality of the app.
  • We donated our first-place prize of $40,000 to nonprofits helping people with disabilities or doing programming education.

Mobility ETA

Screenshot of Marta Mobility ETA

A standalone demo paratransit trip checker for MARTA Mobility Customers. Visit Demo

My contribution:
  • Split this project out from Paratransit Pal to keep us interacting with (then available) live data and real paratransit customers while Paratransit Pal was being developed.
  • Assisted in the design, thus, improving the UI specifically to be useful for people with cognitive impairment or who are unfamiliar with technology.

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Podcast/ Streaming Appearances


I am currently a fullstack developer at Equity Prime Mortgage, serving mostly in a devops capacity, while assisting a team of 9 developers working on the company's proprietary mortgage web platform. The team does a combination of new feature development in a modern Expo React Native SPA front-end codebase, creation of a Node.js back end, the creation and integration of middleware , and creating new user workflows and adding functionality as needed possible.

Previously I worked as a QA/Junior Software Engineer at WarnerMedia Discovery's Atlanta office, doing Javascript based ad technologies for the company's famous brands : Cartoon Network and Adult Swim.

In both roles, a large part of my has involved brainstorming, untethered problem solving and modifying codebases , and working with multiple stakeholders to the work being done is understood and are delivering the right solutions. I've also worked to simplify documentation, QA and testing strategies thus facilitating best practices in the software development life cycle, and worn various other hats as needed.

Before WarnerMedia Discovery, I interned at Mobile App Hero learning into the Expo React Native and Firebase stack, understanding the technical tooling and process required to develop a product, thus, bringing value to customers. Other tech based experience include being an intern at Ringer Consulting Group in 2017, served as an instructor for the introduction to web development course for Lighthouse. Most recently, I served as a software engineering mentor at Thinkful( a Chegg service), providing assistance to students as they complete their journey into software development.

I have served a volunteer at a number of tech conferences, been a co-organizer to FreeCodeCamp Atlanta since 2018. I have been a part of a civic hacking project which started at the first MARTA hackathon in 2016 ( the idea went on to win $40000 in the ATLC3 competition in 2018 ).

Outside of being a technologist, I have a lot of interest in cooking, art and tinkering. I have a vast array of experience as I have been a apprentice farmer, a truck driver, an electronics repair technician among other trades. Even though being software engineer is my current trade, I have an enormous skills set in terms of learning, documentation and best practices as a result of my training as a middle school teacher (science and literacy specialization).